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You can support our work financially, please get in touch.


If you would like to support us another way, we would love to hear from you!

As a small charity, we are limited in what we can achieve on a day to day basis. With the generous support of our supporters and partners, we have been able to reach many people to help them in a time of need. However, the need is great and our dream is to help many more people on a regular basis. With your help, we can work towards this.

Find out more about what we have been doing in the following links:


Awareness and understanding

Many people with epilepsy keep themselves hidden away due to the discrimination they face from within their communities. We want to reach these people, encourage them and let them know that they have someone out there who can care for and support them. We also want to change the attitudes and misconceptions within communities, to remove the stigma associated with epilepsy and ensure those with epilepsy are welcome within communities.


It’s important for those with epilepsy to be able to farm in order to earn an income and provide food for themselves and their families, to help them live a better life.

Hands on skills

We want to see people with epilepsy in Uganda learn practical skills that can help them and keep their minds active to help avoid stress and depression. We need equipment to use in order to enable this project.

Natural essential oils

We want to provide an integrative approach, which includes

natural essential oils as part of their treatment plan to enhance their quality of life. There are many essential oils that can support mood, reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, reduce pain and discomfort in muscles and joints, natural cleansing and so much more.

Neurology scholarship

We have identified a nurse who is willing to study this course and help those with epilepsy. In Uganda we mainly have physicians but lack neurologists.

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