We have a young child in desperate need of a wheelchair as a result of their epilepsy. Thanks to an individual donation from a supporter in the UK, we were able to provide them with their own chair to greatly help their mobility.

International support

To coincide with India's Epilepsy Awareness Week (10th to 17th November 2020), we were honored take part in their Awareness Programme discussions, linking up with other international epilepsy charities.

PPE donations

We are grateful to Epilepsy Foundation India who generously donated 100 masks and 100 sanitizers, which we were able to distribute among our community to help keep people safe in the current situation.

Mercy’s wheelchair

We have a young girl, Mercy, who was abandoned by her parents due to her epilepsy. I visited her and left her in good hands with the nurses that we are working with. She could stay in bed 24/7 without a wheelchair, but Epilepsy Awareness Uganda were able to fund a wheelchair for her so that she can be more mobile.

Women’s health

With support from the Defeating Epilepsy Foundation in the US, we will be providing women’s sanitary products and reusable hygiene kits for women in Uganda battling epilepsy, along with educating girls and boys to improve understanding and remove common misconceptions and stigma.


With funding from the Defeating Epilepsy Foundation in the US, we will be providing medication to patients who could otherwise not afford it.


We're currently unable to take online donations, but please contact us below if you would like to support our work.


Awareness and understanding

Many people with epilepsy keep themselves hidden away due to the discrimination they face from within their communities. We want to reach these people, encourage them and let them know that they have someone out there who can care for and support them. We also want to change the attitudes and misconceptions within communities, to remove the stigma associated with epilepsy and ensure those with epilepsy are welcome within communities.

Hands on skills

We want to see people with epilepsy in Uganda learn practical skills that can help them and keep their minds active to help avoid stress and depression. We need equipment to use in order to enable this project.


It’s important for those with epilepsy to be able to farm in order to earn an income and provide food for themselves and their families, to help them live a better life.

Natural essential oils

We want to provide an integrative approach, which includes

natural essential oils as part of their treatment plan to enhance their quality of life. There are many essential oils that can support mood, reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, reduce pain and discomfort in muscles and joints, natural cleansing and so much more.

Neurology scholarship

We have identified a nurse who is willing to study this course and help those with epilepsy. In Uganda we mainly have physicians but lack neurologists.

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